The People And Insight You Need

Streamline Your Supply Chain And Exceed Your Goals

Without strategic planning and a reliable, flexible supply chain, delivering maximum efficiency and profitability is impossible.

The ever-changing demands of the marketplace require clients to continuously review and analyze their distribution efforts. They need comprehensive data, but more importantly, the insight data can provide.

DMA Insights – our expansive supply chain infrastructure – and the Strategic Distribution Team empower you to make informed decisions to consistently grow and meet your demands.

The Characteristics Of A Remarkable Partnership

Data-Powered Decisions

Having access to the right data is important – it helps you make smart decisions. DMA helps present supply chain data to match your unique needs and processes, ensuring visibility into your supply chain and providing intelligence to manage risks and opportunities in your business.

  • Clear insight into pricing, availability, inventory and order history
  • Reporting that caters to your specific needs
  • Seamless integration with back-office software

Strategic Distribution Team

DMA is not a vendor. We don’t “manage accounts.” Our customers work with a dedicated team, including
their Supply Chain Solution Director and Supply Chain Coordinator. As an integral extension of your team, we develop strong relationships to clearly communicate and execute your strategic processes. 

  • Input into strategic planning, promotions and campaigns including
  • Impactful data insights and analysis to maximize efficiency and profitability
  • DMA Insights training – data interpretation, decision-making and processes

Expedited Expansion Plan

When clients identify new market opportunities, we help them develop a detailed roadmap based on their supply chain needs and goals, ensuring their preparation and ability to succeed from day one with distribution across all markets in North America.

  • Define supply chain needs and timeline for all supply deliveries
  • Map most efficient and profitable distributionchannels to maximize success

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