Brand Partners

DMA supports national brand manufacturers, and our partners are among the most recognized brands in foodservice. Each is a major supplier to our distribution system, and we leverage this capability by providing product-sourcing solutions for our customers. Our brand partners benefit from their support of DMA by engaging in exclusive networking meetings with senior management from both our distributors and chain operator customers. Sharing sales opportunities and building relationships in a non-competitive environment leads to increased market share and brand awareness.


Dot Foods, Inc.

In 1960, Dot Foods pioneered the concept of redistribution: helping food manufacturers get products in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities to distributors in a timely and cost-effective manner. Today, Dot is the largest redistribution company in the industry, delivering to 4,050 distributors every week, in every state throughout the nation. Dot keeps distributors stocked with products multi-unit operators need, assuring standardization requirements are met and products are delivered in a timely manner. For these and all the reasons that follow, redistribution through Dot is simply smart business! For more information about Dot Foods, please visit


General Mills Convenience & Foodservice

The General Mills Convenience & Foodservice division serves the convenience, foodservice and bakery industries by providing quality products from time-trusted brands along with culinary, nutrition education and marketing resources to help operators succeed. Its distinguished brand portfolio includes Big G Cereals, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Gold Medal, Pillsbury, Chex Mix, Bugles and Gardetto’s. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, the division had fiscal 2014 net sales of $1.9 billion. For more information, please visit



Genpak LLC


Genpak LLC --- "Quality To Go" is not just a slogan; rather It Is a Way of Life. With nearly 40 years of experience in the foodservice packaging industry, Genpak has a proven track record as a quality manufacturer of single use, food service packaging. We pride ourselves not only for our dedication to our customers, but also for guaranteeing a consistent, high quality and functional end product. Although we are best known for products like our foam hinged containers, cold drink cup items, and clear hinged deli containers, we also continually work to expand our product mix by introducing new, innovative products like our microwave safe containers and serving bowls. New to Genpak is our line of product produced using annually renewable resources, sold in our Harvest Collection line. These environmentally friendly, biodegradable products are fully compostable when properly disposed of into a commercially run composting facility and have many of the same benefits found in our top-of-the-line solid plastic products. Whether you need, bakery trays, plastic dinnerware, supermarket food trays or anything in between --- allow Genpak to be your one-stop source for only the finest and top quality single use foodservice packaging needs.



Georgia Pacific

Georgia-Pacific manufactures a comprehensive line of products for businesses in the foodservice industry.  From fast food outlets and full service restaurants to lodging and institutional caterers, Georgia-Pacific offers customers a one-stop solution for cost-effective disposable products that increase efficiency and hygiene.



For 116 years, Hormel has made their name with products that bring more to the table --- more quality and taste to your eating experience. They have a long and proud history of bringing more to the table for their employees, their business partners, and their investors. Hormel's founder, George A. Hormel, coined the phrase, "Originate, don't imitate." His son, Jay C. Hormel, took that to heart, bringing innovation to new products, a tradition that Hormel continues today. Their focus continues to be to offer quality products with distinct points of difference that distinguish them from others in the industry.





R3 is a national organization whose sales exceeded $1.2 billion in 2009. We service the United States, Canada and Mexico from more than 70 facilities within North America and operate one of the largest private fleets of trucks in the country. R3 reduces the expenses associated with processing Redistribution orders, by providing unified services and support throughout the supply chain from initial order through final delivery. By collecting a comprehensive group of services under one umbrella, R3 offers customers more options for product selection, pricing and delivery without the need to work with different vendor organizations or multiple contacts. This greatly simplifies the process for customers and allows streamlining of processes for reduced shipping and warehousing costs.


Lamb Weston


ConAgra Specialty Potato Products (annual sales $1B ) is the proud manufacturer of premium-quality Lamb Weston brand foodservice and retail products --- including Lamb's Supreme®, Stealth®, LW Private Reserve®, Inland Valley®, and many more. We also offer the industry's most efficient distribution system, strong marketing support, and a commitment to customer service.



NORPAC Foods, Inc. offers full lines of premium quality frozen fruit, vegetable and soup products to foodservice operators throughout the U.S. under the FLAV-R-PAC, WESTPAC, Grande Classics, Pasta Perfect, and SOUP SUPREME brands. For a complete discussion of NORPAC, our seed-to-table quality-controlled products, and the history of our grower cooperative, please visit our website or call 800-822-2898.



Ken's Dressings Ken's Dressings Foodservice

Kens_Logo_Blue_RGB_raster.jpgAt Ken’s our goal is to make every meal taste better. That's our mission; everyone on our team works together to create delicious recipes and manufacture high quality products for everyone from home chefs to restaurant chains. We are proud to offer hundreds of amazing salad dressings, marinades, and sauces. Explore a few of our most popular products below. 

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Ken’s Foodservice:      Ken's Dressings Foodservice

Sweet Baby Ray's:      Sweet Baby Ray's Foodservice




SCA North America is one of the largest producers of Away-From-Home tissue products within the United States. Our innovative product offering includes napkins, toweling, bath and facial tissue, specialty wipers, dispensers, and soap and air freshener systems for the food service, office buildings, industrial and healthcare segments. Our well-recognized and proven brands include Tork®, Park Avenue®, Coronet®, and Main Street®.



TechnomicTechnomic, a fact-based research and consulting firm, helps restaurants, food suppliers, and other related firms grow profitably with business-building guidance. For over 40 years our consultants have helped clients anticipate and respond to customers' needs—and competitive threats. Our services range from major research studies to management consulting solutions to simple fact-finding assignments. If the answers you need have anything to do with food, you've come to the right place.

U S Chemical

U S Chemical is the largest supplier of privately-branded specialty cleaning chemicals in the nation. Any U S Chemical distributor will tell you that we deliver more than just a broad array of advanced warewashing, housekeeping, laundry and general-purpose cleaning systems. We deliver on a promise to devote our every resource to your ongoing success. Because just as your growth and profitability are determined by that of your customers, our future lies in yours.