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Tilted Kilt Names DMA its 2010 Kilt Brand Ambassador

Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery awarded DMA its 2010 Kilt Brand Ambassador.  DMA was presented with the award at the Tilted Kilt’s first Tilted Kilt Leadership Conference at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa in Chandler, Arizona October 18 – 20, 2010.

The Kilt Brand Ambassador award was given to DMA for its commitment to the development, growth and brand integrity of Tilted Kilt.

Leadership Conference attendees were given the opportunities to network with the franchisees, corporate staff and vendors during a Vendor Expo; golfing outing and general sessions.


L to R: Tina Fahrenbruch, DMA; Jason Brown, Shamrock Foods; Rich Wade and Tom Jared, Reinhart FoodService; Dan Cox, COO, DMA

DMA was a Braveheart Sponsor at the event and was an exhibitor at the Vendor Expo. DMA displayed a cake in the shape of one of Tilted Kilt’s famous hamburgers at their booth.

DMA has been a proud partner of Tilted Kilt since 2007 at a time when Tilted Kilt had only 3 restaurants.  Today there are over 40 locations currently open with another 17 restaurants set to open by the second quarter of 2011.

Ron Lynch, President, Tilted KiltRon Lynch, President, Tilted Kilt serving the cake

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Cargill: Cedar Canyon™ Prime Rib Burger

The Cedar Canyon Prime Rib Burger Brings Out the Artisan in Every Operator

Whether you’re interested in menuing a premium signature burger, innovative sandwich or exciting salad, the naturally crafted Cedar Canyon™ Prime Rib Burger from Cargill Value Added Meats allows you to think inside or outside the bun and build a loyal, growing customer base.

As every operator knows, the all-American burger is quickly becoming anything but ordinary. That’s because consumers love premium beef under the bun and relish exciting new flavor profiles to satisfy their ever-increasing adventurous palates. So much so, that a signature, specialty burger can go a long way in helping to define a restaurant’s reputation.

The juicy facts on premium burgers are undeniable:
  • 43% of surveyed chefs believe that gourmet burgers are a hot trend.*
  • The largest point of burger differentiation for burgers comes from the quality of the beef.**
  • Specialty burgers make up the largest single category of burger varieties listed on full-service restaurant menus. ***
  • At full-service restaurants, consumers cite quality, portion size and fresh ingredients as the most appealing factors. ***
  • Consumers say the best way for operators and manufacturers to position a burger as “premium” is to use a high-quality meat. ***
  • Regardless of restaurant segment, consumers are willing to pay more for burgers that they consider to be specialty offerings than for standard burgers, and will pay the highest prices for a burger they perceive to be premium. ***

The Cedar Canyon™ Prime Rib Burger lets you take full advantage of these powerful trends by providing the upscale, premium quality your customers crave while giving you unprecedented menuing versatility.
  •  Made exclusively from the Primal Rib.
  • All natural; minimally processed with no artificial ingredients.
  • Premium steakhouse flavor.
  • Satisfies consumer demand for upscale flavor profile.
  • Premium menu experience generates higher profit margins.
  • Provides exceptional menuing versatility.
The Cedar Canyon Prime Rib Burger is just one example of how Cargill Value Added Meats delivers best-in-class skill sets encompassing all aspects of the ground beef business, including food safety, risk management, innovation and operational excellence.

From our one-of-a-kind Cedar Canyon™ Prime Rib Burger to our incredible TNT™ patties with a 3 hour hold time to the classic burger taste and texture of our enormously popular Jobe’s™ tavern patties, you can rely on Cargill Value Added Meats for the products, services, resources and socially responsible approach to business that distinguish your menu and help your operation succeed.

For more information about the complete line of ground beef products from Cargill Value Added Meats, call 1-800-373-6515.

Sources: *National Restaurant Association “What’s Hot in 2010” American Culinary Federation Chef Survey, **Mintel Menu Insights, June 2010 Report, ***The Burger Consumer Trend Report, Technomic, Inc., 2009

SCA: Tork Xpressnap® Delivers Savings and Hygiene

April, 2010 - Tork Xpressnap® dispensers allow customers to touch only the napkins they take and take only what they need.

All Tork Xpressnap® dispensers carry a money-back guarantee to reduce napkin usage by at least 25 percent over traditional spring-loaded dispensers, but the actual savings are more than that for many end users.

Xpressnap dispensers reduced napkin usage up to 50 percent for end users who switched from small dispensers and up to 30 percent for those who switched from large dispensers, according to Technomic, the independent foodservice research firm.

Xpressnap utilizes a proprietary technology that dispenses only one napkin at a time, every time. Patrons take only the napkins they need, saving money on refills and sending fewer napkins to the landfill. The sturdy quarter-fold napkins also are larger than the competition’s, so patrons often need to take fewer of them.

“Too often, patrons grab stacks of napkins from spring-loaded dispensers, unaware of how many they are taking because the napkins have bunched together,” said Tom Cummings, SCA Tissue Category Director —Tabletop.

The one-at-a-time delivery of Tork Xpressnap dispensers not only reduces napkin usage but also increases hygiene. Patrons touch only the napkin they take, reducing the chance for cross-contamination.

Xpressnap dispensers are available in six models: tabletop, stand, countertop, in-counter, wall mount and drive-through. Stand and tabletop dispensers are available in a variety of colors. In addition to the original black and granite colors, stand models also are available in red, green and blue. Tabletop dispensers are available in black, granite, red, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue. For eateries with more neutral-colored décor, Xpressnap also offers tabletop models in sage and mocha.

The stand and tabletop models include patented AD-A-Glance® message panels that provide a way to generate advertising revenue, promote menu specials or publicize local events or employee achievements. Customized messages can be easily created using templates that are downloadable at

All models are easy to install, use and maintain. Xpressnap stand dispensers hold up to 900 napkins, nearly three times the capacity of traditional dispensers, creating additional labor savings.

For those with limited storage space, Xpressnap product cases offer savings of up to 50 percent over other napkin cases. Each case holds 6,000 napkins in 12 packages of 500.

Tork Xpressnap napkins are available in white and natural. Both are made from 100-percent recycled fiber and are EcoLogoCM certified. Exceeding EPA guidelines, Xpressnap Natural Napkins contain 90-percent post-consumer waste compared to the standard 30-percent.

Xpressnap/ADD ONE

SCA Tissue North America, headquartered in Philadelphia, is one of the three largest producers of Away-From-Home tissue products in North America and was the first American papermaker to earn EcoLogo certification for its environmentally sustainable
processes and products. SCA Tissue annually recycles more than 700,000 tons of paper into tissues, towels and napkins.

Its parent company, SCA, is a $17 billion global consumer goods and paper company that is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and has more than 50,000 employees doing business in 90 countries.

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