Supply Chain Management Services

DMA is unique in that we provide a suite of supply chain management tools and processes to compliment our distribution services. By selecting DMA as it national distributor, a chain operator's supply chain management team will have access to the types of supply chain tools that are available to only the largest chain restaurant operators. If a chain operator were to buy or license similar tools from a third party provider, the cost would be significant. It would also take time and staff effort to implement, test and train on a third party system. Here is a brief overview of our most widely-used supply chain management tools.

Business Analytics and Reporting - Our On-Line Report Manager™ (OLRM) is an industry leading business analytics application specifically designed for supply chain managers. Supply chain managers securely access their transactional detail to run standard reports or easily build customized reports to suit their needs. The system is Web based, available 24/7, and contains a rolling 25 months of invoice history, order guides, and distributor warehouse stock status data. In addition, DMA cross-references distributor product codes to DMA codes so product usage is easily aggregated across multiple distributor companies. DMA is also able to map a chain operator's specific product or GL codes to our numbers for additional reporting capabilities.

Contract Management and Price Verification - Contracts that a chain operator negotiates with the manufacturer community are a crucial component of managing food cost. However, if the contract terms are not standardized, complete, and accurate and stored in a readily accessible place, the chain's purchasing power will not be leveraged across the supply chain. Our e-Verify™ system provides the supply chain team with a tool to ensure that contract pricing is stored and communicated effectively to all supply chain partners. The system also verifies that contract pricing is correctly applied in the invoices to the restaurant. We perform this effort on a monthly basis to ensure that errors, if any, are caught and credited quickly.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Score Carding - An important element in every distribution program is measuring that program parameters and expectations are being met...both by the warehouses shipping and the restaurants taking deliveries. The DMA Expanded KPI Score Card™ provides the chain operator supply chain team with a near-real time tool across the supply chain. The supply chain visibility that this tool provides gives the chain a process for ranking high and low performing warehouses and restaurants. Score carding is the basis for continuous improvement and recognition of great performance.

Inventory Management - As a chain retools its menu or promotes with Limited Time Offers (LTOs), many products will be introduced into and removed from the supply chain. It is important that the chain operators supply chain is responsive to frequent product changes and not an obstacle to menu reengineering. The DMA On-Line Report Manager™ provides visibility into each DMA warehouse so that the chain's supply chain team can readily view "on hand", "on order" and "date due" information on key items. This tool helps to eliminate wasted time effort typical in supply chains where no inventory visibility exists.